Using Nik Efex to make your shots pop

Autumn leaves New Hampshire

Hey everyone, quick top tip for you all here. As hopefully most of you know, our benevolent overlords Google recently acquired the awesome Nik Photoshop/Lightroom suite of plugins and made them free to all. As some of you may also know, Nik can be a great little shortcut to adding that extra something special to your shots.

It’s not a magic wand (although at times it feels close), but if you are into post processing it can help you do things in seconds that would take you years to perfect in Photoshop. The tutorial below is a couple of years old now but will provide you with a great introduction to what Nik can do. It’s hosted by Scott Stulberg, with whom I spent an awesome evening shooting Astro in Acadia National Park in New England. He’s a cool guy and you should definitely check out his work. You just gotta promise me you won’t compare it to mine 😉


If you use Photoshop or Lightroom this should basically be the first thing you get. Just get it. Trust me.

Google Nik Efex

Sadly it doesn’t look like Google plans to keep developing the software (boooooo), so grab it while you can 🙂