Father's love

Father, Husband, Photographer – that about sums me up!

My passion (or addiction, if you ask my wife…) has helped me meet some fantastic people, both those who are happy to stand in front of the lens and those who help me behind it. I have made new friends and had calamitous adventures.

I have spent countless hours staring at the stars atop cliffs across continents, on beaches, sea shores and farmers fields. I have shot landscape, seascape, urban, rural, street, extreme macro, long exposure, abstract, portrait. On any given day something completely different might float my boat but I love it all.

I have spent just as many hours dedicating myself to developing my craft – challenging myself to find shots even when the conditions are against me, connecting with fellow togs around the world, refining technique and pushing the boundaries of what my gear can do.

And the best bit is that there is still a lifetime’s worth to learn. An endless supply of sunrises and sunsets, climatic conditions, festivals, protests, races, birthdays, objects, teeny tiny things, winters, autumns, contrasts, smiles, tears and split seconds to catch.

I’ll never catch them all, I wouldn’t want to, but I know I’ll love trying.

I get more out of this than I ever thought I would, and I’d love to share my interest with you, so say hello if you like.


In print

  • 2020 Landscape Photographer of the Year book
  • 2020 Practical Photography Magazine (June 2020) : Special Feature – Home photography projects
  • 2019 Practical Photography Magazine (November 2019) : 10 Clicks – What to shoot with your camera right now
  • 2019 Practical Photography Magazine : Learn from the Best – Six page feature (August 2019)
  • 2019 June 20th : The Guardian, Mirror, Daily Mail – Lightning Storm
  • 2019 Practical Photography Magazine (July 2019) : 10 Clicks – What to shoot with your camera right now
  • 2019 Practical Photography Magazine (January 2019) : 10 Clicks – What to shoot with your camera right now
  • 2018 Outdoor Photographer (October) : Two page feature
  • 2018 National Geographic Traveller (June) : Big Picture feature
  • 2018 Practical Photography Magazine (May) : Beyond the Lens, the story of the world’s greatest shots
  • 2018 Sony World Photography Awards book
  • 2018 National Geographic Traveller photography book
  • 2018 Portfolio 3 : OPOTY
  • 2017 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year book
  • 2017 Portfolio 2 : OPOTY
  • 2017 OPOTY Feature : The Times



  • 2020 Landscape Photographer of the Year : London Bridge : 16th November 2020 – 12th February 2021
  • 2018 Sony World Photography Awards : Somerset House : 20th April – 6th May 2018
  • Wallacespace Covent Garden : Travel photography : 12th February – 27th February 2018
  • Royal Observatory Greenwich : Insight Astronomy : 16th September 2017 – 22nd July 2018


In 2018 I started a charitable endeavour, Brightforgood, which brought together local photographers to raise money for the young homeless in Brighton. Working with the Clock Tower Sanctuary, we were able to have 24 professional standard images donated and made available for sale to the public, with all proceeds going directly to the charity’s Christmas appeal.

We could not have achieved what we have done without the wonderful support of Colourstream in Brighton, who undertook all our printing and posting at cost. Thank you all!

I have since then provided my services to the Clock Tower Sanctuary for free as often as possible. They are wonderful people doing important work and would love for your help too if you can spare it.

Kit List

I have a whole bunch of gear (never enough!) that I use to take these shots, and am always interested in acquiring more! I think the key bits are here: