It has long been a dream of mine to visit Mexico and participate in the Dia de Muertos comparsa – and this year I was fortunate enough to do so. A very good friend and I spent three, incredible days in Oaxaca across October/November 2018 and I can only say it was everything I had hoped and more. Whilst much of the photography you will find focuses on the beautiful and joyous events of the evening, with golden candles illuminating ornately decorated graves in the Panteon I found to my surprise that much of the heart of events took place during the day – when locals and tourists alike congregate around the town square to make their preparations, have their faces painted and partake in some of the wonderful selection of local food and drink.

Whilst I took many more photographs than this during my stay (take a look at my Yucatan Stories gallery) I wanted with this portfolio to explore the soul of the festivities which, for me at least, seemed timelessly held in the eyes of all those involved.